Unlocking Data Insights, Unleashing Business Value

Logic Data Solutions is a dedicated boutique consultancy with a strong commitment to uncovering insights through data. Our primary expertise lies in Denodo implementation, administration, training and related technologies that streamline intricate data architectures, enabling our clients to spend less time searching for data and more time harnessing its value.

Logic Data Solutions has joined forces with various Denodo Partner firms to offer you the best of both worlds: the personalized service of a boutique consultancy combined with the robust capabilities of prominent national and global firms.

Whether your objectives involve increasing the productivity of your Data Science team, establishing a controlled and well-managed citizen BI solution, optimizing data integrations across cloud platforms, developing a Logical Data Warehouse, Data Fabric, or Data Mesh; we have the expertise to drive success.

Self-Service Analytics

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Democratize Your Data

In today’s customer-centric era, the need for immediate insights and actions is paramount. The challenge lies in the fact that customers engage with organizations through various channels, necessitating analytics users to efficiently gather data from multiple systems and standardize it for meaningful analysis. This issue isn’t limited to customer data alone; it extends to supply chain information, order-to-cash analysis, and other data-focused processes. Data remains compartmentalized in various sources, and for the average business user, the complexity of integrating this data for analytics necessitates IT assistance.

To truly embrace a data-driven approach and empower self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics, organizations must make data accessible to all within the organization, enabling data-informed decision-making. What organizations require is a self-service analytics platform that grants everyone the ability to securely find, access, integrate, and share data in real time, irrespective of its location, while providing industry-leading data governance controls. This is precisely what the Denodo Platform provides.

Data Science

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Deeper Insights

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) represent the convergence of analytics, data science, and automation, driving the acceleration of successful digital transformations and yielding positive business results. The development of AI/ML applications is a process that unfolds in four essential stages: data sourcing, data preparation, model testing and deployment, and model evaluation.

Cloud computing platforms play a pivotal role by allowing the simultaneous training and testing of numerous models to identify the most suitable one. Nevertheless, the availability of appropriate data remains one of the most significant challenges that organizations and data scientists confront.

The Denodo Platform stands as a logical data management solution, serving as a centralized data access layer that allows Data Scientists to securely discover, analyze, integrate, and share data in real-time, regardless of its source location or format.

Cloud Data Integration

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Many Clouds, One Data Access Layer

If your organization is typical of many large enterprises, it likely leverages the services of multiple cloud providers. These providers offer a range of fully managed databases, including relational, NoSQL, and in-memory options. Moreover, departmental projects are increasingly adopting SaaS applications, while your organization still relies on on-premises systems crucial for its operations. These dispersed data repositories create challenges in obtaining a holistic view of the data and can impede value creation. In this evolving hybrid/multi-cloud landscape, businesses must update their data architecture to align with changing business requirements.

The Denodo Platform offers a solution that doesn’t involve physically copying or replicating data. Instead, it establishes logical connections to diverse data sources, establishing a centralized data access layer that enables secure, real-time data discovery, integration, and sharing, irrespective of the data’s location.

Data Fabric

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Flexible, Reusable, Powerful

Enterprise data is diverse, growing, and distributed across cloud and regional boundaries, as the data management ecosystem is constantly evolving. A data fabric is a flexible, reusable, and powerful data management approach that is critical for any digital transformation, data governance, or advanced analytics initiatives. A logical data fabric, powered by data virtualization, enables enterprises to integrate, manage, and deliver their distributed data to any user, in real time, regardless of the location, format and latency of the source data.

Today’s data landscape is constantly evolving, growing and becoming increasingly distributed across cloud providers, data centers, and regions. Data Virtualization allows for the creation of a logical data fabric that allows enterprises to integrate, manage, and deliver their distributed heterogeneous data to all users, in real time.