What are people saying?

Mark Veile, Ball Aerospace

Trent Rossiter was a delight to work with because he showed commitment to providing top-tier support and a logical approach to problem-solving. This led to significant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness for my team’s operations.

Trent exhibited an impressive level of dedication to the needs of our organization. His customer-focused mindset made a significant impact on our team’s experience with the Denodo platform. He consistently ensured that our users had the tools and resources they need to excel. Whether it’s resolving technical issues, offering guidance on best practices, or tailoring solutions to meet our specific requirements, Trent consistently delivered.

Trent possesses a deep understanding of the Denodo platform and its intricacies, allowing him to develop elegant and efficient solutions for even the most complex issues. His ability to break down problems, analyze them methodically, and implement well-considered solutions was invaluable to our team’s success. He was able to identify if the issue was within our span-of-control or needed to be addressed directly by Denodo and then took it one step further by interacting with Denodo Support to define the requirements of the issue and collaborate on a solution.

Trent Rossiter was a true asset to our team, and I have no doubt that he will be an asset to any organization lucky enough to work with him in the future. His high performance, customer-centric approach, and logical problem-solving skills have made a positive and lasting impact on our operations. Thank you, Trent, for your exceptional contributions to our team’s success.

Nestor Rizo-Patron, Data Engineer

Trent is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and provided direct support. His emails and MS Teams communications were complete regarding every detail; not superficial or partial. When I collaborated with him, he always shared knowledge, and technical insights of Denodo. Since the first day I team up with him, he was very responsive and quick to answer all my questions.